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About the Owner:

geneGene Slusher is a Lexington native. Stemming from a family with a tradition of fishing, hunting and being in contact with the outdoors, Gene grew up traipsing through the small woods and creek behind his house. Armed with a fierce curiosity of nature and a loyal dog by his side, he developed a solid appreciation of the outdoors at an early age. That love of the natural world has lead him down a path that meandered through various positions in the worlds of fly fishing, hospitality, policy, and conservation, and that has culminated in the opening of The Lexington Angler.

Gene received his bachelor’s degree from Centre College and his J.D. and his Master of Studies in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. Directly after he was admitted to the Kentucky Bar Association, he headed west, deciding to explore his love of the mountains and passion for the sporting lifestyle. After spending several months fly fishing throughout Idaho and Montana, he spent a year working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency on national water quality issues before deciding to get out from behind the computer and manage a local small business within the fly fishing industry. In keeping with his profound belief in conservation and education, Gene most recently administered a wide variety of grant projects throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky which provided monetary resources to local govern­ments, schools and citizen groups to improve the quality of their local environment and bolster environmental education programs in Kentucky’s school systems.

Gene now lives in Midway, Kentucky with his buddies Sawyer and Finnegan. He can be reached at gene@lexingtonangler.com.

About the Team:

alan_creech Alan Creech is a native of Harlan, Kentucky. He grew up there, fishing at his father’s side in the headwaters of the Cumberland River. As a teenager, he became enamored with the art of fly fishing and dove into it with great excitement. He learned on his own, from videos, reading, and with the help of some friends. A few years later he took up tying his own flies and became an accomplished tier.

Alan has been married to Liz since 1988. They have 4 children. They’ve lived in Lexington since 1990, when Alan took a job helping to manage the fly tackle section of an earlier Orvis dealership in town, The Sporting Tradition. He worked there for several years where he also helped to teach fly fishing schools and was the primary fly tying instructor.

He holds degrees in both Anthropology and Art/Graphic Design from Eastern Kentucky University. He worked as a Graphic Designer for several years, which he also now does on a freelance basis, along with his work in the fishing industry.

Smallmouth bass in smaller streams, small-stream trout, and the occasional pond bass are his piscatorial prey of choice. He fishes, not nearly as much as he would like. He is also a bit of an amateur theologian and has been a recognized blogger since 2001 at alancreech.com. You can get in touch with Alan at alan@qx.net.

brandon_wade Born in Somerset and raised in Russell County, Brandon Wade has been fishing the streams and lakes of Kentucky his whole life. Even though he spent most of his younger years living on the shores of Lake Cumberland, Brandon’s true love has always been the Cumberland River. “It didn’t take me long to find out that big boats, big crowds, and jet skis weren’t my cup of tea. I like peace and quiet and on the Cumberland River that’s what I get.” Brandon has taken his love of fly fishing to places all over. He has fished from Ascension Bay, Mexico all the way to the steelhead tributaries of Lake Erie. But if you ask him where his favorite water flows, it’s down the Cumberland River.

Brandon’s “real job” is serving Fayette County Public Schools as a Local Area Network technician. He lives in Lexington with his wife Julie and two daughters Ava, and Rachel. If you’ve taken a trip with Brandon, you’ve probably sampled some of Julie’s handy work in the kitchen. Her shore lunches are something to behold.

Originally born in Dearborn Heights, MI (outside of Detroit), Mike Wlosinski spent his younger years growing up and fishing the rivers of Northern Michigan, the Great Lakes, and continues to spend some time visiting family and fishing the smaller in-land lakes near Brooklyn, MI. Moving to Lexington in 1992, Michael started fishing the Cumberland after meeting Brandon and others from Russell County and quickly fell in love with the Cumberland River. He has been on the river ever since. As he states “The beauty and experience of fly fishing the Cumberland is something that you can’t quite put into words. One of the best trout fishing waters in this area of the country and I’m lucky enough to get a chance to share it with others.” Other than the Cumberland, Mike has had the opportunity to fly fish for trout in Oregon and Northern California, fly fishing for Spinner Sharks in Florida, and Steelhead fishing in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

For his “real job”, Michael works for the Kentucky Educational Development Corporation in Lexington where he serves as a teacher as an Educational Technology Consultant. He lives in Lexington with his wife Cari, dogs Kona and Sasha, and their two horses. Other than fishing, Mike spends any found time in his ever-continuing quest to successfully play ice hockey as well as training and participating in local triathlons.

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