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T.U. Sponsored Fly Tying Night

Wednesday night – January 18th – 6:30pm

We want to invite you to the upcoming Trout Unlimited sponsored fly-tying evening at the Lexington Angler. Come join us for a relaxed evening amongst friends, or soon to be friends, and tie some of your favorite patterns. This, by the way, is a free event – come on down.

If you are a beginner and want to find out what all this fly-tying is about this will be the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to it. We’ll show you how to tie the “Woolly Bugger” for starters.

If you have been tying for awhile, join us and show us your favorite designs and swap out techniques and ideas with other tiers.

I also have a special request from the more experienced tiers, if you have an extra vise and/or tools, please bring them so that a beginner tier who doesn’t have one may borrow it. Also, if you have any extra woolly bugger materials that you are willing to donate, that would be appreciated.

We will start around 6:30 -7:00 pm and will tie till whenever.

Please RSVP Robert Van Onselder at (919)623-4620 or the Lexington Angler at (859)389-6552 by the 16th so we can ensure enough tables and chairs will be available. See you there!


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